Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's the Negative Space

Sitting, watching each breath. Walking, watching each step. Swimming, watching each stroke . . . I realize each time, it's not so much about sensing breath, step, or stroke, as it is becoming aware of what arises in between. The tightness in the throat, the constriction in the stomach, the ruminative thoughts, the oppressive energies, the reactions to outer circumstances, all formations begging to be examined.

Positive space, and negative space in the mind.

And awareness dancing back and forth between the two.

Positive space: glimpses of pure mind. Negative space: passage oblige for purification of the mind.

I find this insight helpful in being with each moment, not resisting the formations and the hindrances. But rather welcoming them as part of the whole. For a long time, I did not 'know' this, and brought much unnecessary suffering upon myself as a result. 

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