Sunday, June 10, 2012

In the Middle of the Desert

Out of nowhere,
a stallion came charging
that threw itself
on top of my back.

Woman body
no match for the beast,
it was clear
resisting was not the way.

A voice whispered
relax, relax,
relax and breathe
oh, so softly.

Let go of all,
including even
the wish for existence.
This is your only chance.


  1. A moving, challenging poem. Let go of the wish for existence. That's really stepping off the flagpole.

  2. Resisting logic, too (the stallion on YOUR back), adds to the challenge.

    The poem feels true. Thank you.

  3. David, Chris, thank you. Some times, as in this case, words are less important than the residual felt sense. Embodied understanding of the futility of clinging.

  4. Just discovered the site. I like this poem very much. An exciting magical, dreamlike quality. Letting go of the wish for existence, the wish for more experiences, seems to open the doorway to liberation and all the marvels of nonexistence. According to Buddhism "existence" and "self" are illusory; clinging to them perpetuates confusion. At some point,in your gut, letting go of them will seem like the only good choice. And, if you let go of an illusion, what really changes? Like awakening from a dream.

    Thanks for offering this striking poem.

  5. Glad you enjoyed the poem, Rod!

    I was also thinking about the last moments of life when we have no other choice but to let go of everything.

    Of course, the flip side are all the other moments spent clinging. Mindfulness and wisdom as gifts, that open the door for slow release . . .

    1. I think even in the last moments of life I will find a way to take some confusion with me! Or maybe not.

      Since no one else has mentioned the sexual connotations, I will. There.