Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Wish To Not Cling

Waking up this morning, I found a knot, a tightness right in my core. 

Still lying in bed, I told myself, 'Clinging, there is clinging'. And dropped down to the body, letting it relax one breath at a time. Not looking for a reason behind the tension, that would be putting a strain on the mind. Plus, it did not really matter, clinging is clinging is clinging. 

Still lying in bed, I wished to not cling for the rest of the day. Or more realistically, to catch the clinging before it even gets a chance to take hold. 

Noticing the movements in the body, noticing the movements in the mind. Tightness, no. Expansion and stillness, yes.


  1. I'm still shocked by how much I ignored the clues that my body offered me in the past. It's only in the past year--and I'm well into midlife--that I've begun to pay attention. And I'm continually surprised by what I learn. Even when the message is one that I'd prefer not to acknowledge, a part of me is joyful for the awareness. Thanks for your post.

  2. Yes, I know what you mean. Joy of seeing, of knowing, of shedding light on what was previously in the darkness. This is how I understand awakening, this gradual seeing of things as they are, without the veil of ordinary delusion. Such a gift!

  3. The body always speaks, we don't always listen. Shift happens when we do. Happy to find this by "accident" while looking for something else.

  4. Thank you, Layla. Yes, noticing the sensations and tensions in the body. And also, cross-pollinating that awareness with acquired wisdom. Otherwise, we just notice without a blueprint and the opportunity for insight gets lost.