Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What About Common Sense?

Common sense is not so common these days.

Tax money goes to senseless wars, no question asked,
but health care for all, that's another story . . .
why should 'I' pay for them who can't even hold a job?
Climate keeps on changing, and we are starting to see
more famines,  more floods, more hurricanes,
still, many continue to question the scientific truth.
Monsanto goes crazy with GMOs,
big oil companies continue their evil work,
and we forego our privilege of choice as consumers.
Young black men go to prison for some weed,
they deserve it, it's against the law,
meanwhile rich white guys appropriate billions, unpunished.
Birthers insist on all babies being born,
they also say young moms should be on their own,
never mind our already overpopulated planet . .
Bridges, tunnels, roads, our whole infrastructure 
is crumbling down slowly but surely,
and nothing's being done to fix it.
Science and art no more in our schools,
we are raising a generation
of uninformed citizens and unqualified workers.
Baby boomers are turning sixty five,
Medicare is running out, old age homes are too few
and not quite up to par, let us bury our heads in the sand.
We are going solo in a hurry, thirty percent of households,
yes, and deluding ourselves into thinking
'having MY space' is where it's at.
MacDonald's business is booming,
we can't get enough fast food, and we need to have bands
inserted into our stomach, or else we may die.
From one extreme to the other,
photoshopped models on the cover of Vogue
incite young girls to self-induced starvation.
We have gone out of our mind,
and we can't seem to be able to stop,
what shall it take?

Common sense may be our most precious commodity.


  1. Ironic both our minds are here- A group of us from GGF are headed to Derrick Jensen's talk tomorrow night.

    I can't tell you how relieving it is to read you blog about this. We're not so alone, are we?

  2. Oh! good. So glad the Green Gulch community is mobilizing.

    I believe mindfulness can be such an agent of positive change. The question is how many mindful folks will it take to overturn the tide?

    Time is running out . . .

  3. Common sense - a hard term to define, but we know it when we see it. It may develop spontaneously as wisdom as a fruit of practice, and also intellectually by clear thinking, which I guess is also an aspect of practice.

  4. When I think of common sense, I think of my maternal grandmother.

    Common sense has a lot to do with being practical, no-nonsense, grounded, earthy . . .

    As you say, we know it when we see it :)

  5. This is such a right thinking about everything going so wrong in our global society.

    I am glad you kept writing Marguerite :)

    I guess I know what it will take : a global collapse... You would have thought that with all the climate weirding, people would be out in the streets demanding for once REAL change.

    But nope. So few have common sense nowadays...