Monday, November 9, 2009

Beyond Words, the Power of Imagination

Right beneath the surface of Hawaii heaven, I found the hell of burning stomach, tight throat, clenched jaws, tension in the head, and protesting shoulders. A very unhappy body . . . and immediate aversion. Not wanting to sit, and feel the suffering. Thoughts coming to the rescue, in mass, to take me out. Awareness not fooled. There is no way out, but to stay, and breathe, and feel every bit of discomfort. Noting craving for more peaceful state. Constricted state makes it hard for breath to make its way through. Still, I try to work with each inhale, each exhale. This is all I've got. That, and trust in the process. Image of huge light grey boulder being pushed off a cliff, into abyss. I feel temptation to hasten the rock's fall. A last minute call, urges me to hold back. Might there be something of value, inside the giant stone? I notice a black hole opening into the stone. Bell rings.


  1. A beautiful image. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Oh! thank you for your appreciation. I feel as if image is almost not mine, but belong instead to the greater universe . . . Effortless. Ego, there but knowing its place.