Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Journey Into the Heart

More work with body today. Meditation led me to stomach, once more. Using each in and out breath to feel my way through the heaviness. Image of big rock sitting at the bottom of stomach cavity. Not easily digestible. Entering the rock, being the rock, inside and all around rough surface. Taking the time to explore. Sensation of rock expanding, and moving up oesophagus. Whole chest turns into warm mass. Breathing throughout, noticing most of the breaths, and some occasional thoughts. Energy moves up to top of the head. Feeling headache, and nausea. Breathing through, getting inside the brain, feeling tension there. Deep sigh. Bell rings, too soon, interrupting process. I decide to sit a while longer. Headache requires some more attention. Staying in the head, breathing into it. There is sadness, and tears almost. Headache disappears. Instead deep sighs, and sensation of expansion in the heart. Feeling the inside of my heart. So vast. Like a large room with lots of space to wander, and be. On the far wall, I 'see' spot. Looks like a sting. Small, compared to rest of wall surface, that is undisturbed, and smooth. Feeling love.


  1. Thanks for this, a wonderful description of the process, very inspiring.

    Has anyone recommended Reggie Ray's "Touching Enlightenment with the Body"? Reggie does a lot of body based meditations, and while I haven't read the book, I was lucky enough to attend a weekend retreat with him. Really great stuff. I've found it works quite well as a counter point to my Zen meditation.

    Some audio samples of his teachings can be found here:

  2. Thank you Ian. No, I am not familiar with Reggie Ray's teachings. Will look into it, however. Yes, the body never lies, and keeps us in the present, always.

    Deep bow,