Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Whole Meditation Experience

This morning, I decided, no sitting in the main house, and running risk of being disturbed by kitchen, other domestic noises. Instead, exile into small room in the back, where it's only me, and space heater. Settling into perfect position, feet parallel, aligned with hips, only smaller back touching, head resting straight above shoulders. Timer set to usual time. I close my eyes, and wait for breath to find its rhythm. Noticing some heaviness in the heart. Breathing. Heaviness. Breathing. And comforting sound of heater. Interrupted at once by roaring of lawn mower, right there, below window. Annoyance, then thought about irony of situation. Trading kitchen noises for lawn mower :) Liking mower better. Soon breathing with noise. Liking. Mower stops. Quietness, again. Grateful for calm, enjoying gentle breath. Really liking. Aware of clinging to quiet. Breathing some more. Thinking mind interrupts, with planning thoughts. Thought, thinking mind cannot stand emptiness, loves to fill in. Thoughts step aside. Breath. Gentle, slow rising of belly, then falling. And again. Distant call from bird, heard. Followed by image of bird, soaring. Thought, thinking mind adding its two cents to pure sound. Breathing, only noticing of breathing, for a while. Until lawn mower, strikes again. Short bouts. Getting comfortable with on-off sound. Liking dance of breath with lawn mower. Oh! full bladder's asking for attention. Given. Feeling expansion. Thought, I should not have drunk tea, how much longer before bell rings? Back to breath, in the midst of crescendo of sensations. Mower, bladder, heater, train, plane, dog all joining in for ultimate climax. Not loud enough, for each breath to not be felt. Bell rings.

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