Friday, November 6, 2009

Buddha's Last Words

Tonight, as I regroup in the quietness of my home, following two intensive days at Zen Hospice, I reflect on The Buddha's Last Words - Parinirvana Sutra,
O bhikshus! Do not grieve!
Even if I were to live in the
world for as long as kalpa,
our coming together would
have to end.

You should know that all
things in the world are
impermanent; coming
together inevitably means
parting. Do not be troubled,
for this is the nature of life.
Diligently practicing right
effort, you must seek
liberation immediately.

Within the light of wisdom,
destroy the darkness of
ignorance. Nothing is secure.
Everything in life is

Always wholeheartedly seek
the way of liberation. All
things in the world, whether
moving or non-moving, are
characterized by
disappearance and instability.

Stop now! Do not speak!
Time is passing. I am about
to cross over. This is my final
So simple. So powerful. And a plea to live, and treasure every moment, as if it was the last. Taped on wall right above my desk, so I don't forget.

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  1. Where does this come from? It does not look like the Pāli Mahāparinibbāna Sūtra.