Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Do Not Cling, Even to Sitting

What is slight discontent growing inside, I wondered? Something about being displaced, away from familiar home environment. Missing my office, little Buddha smiling next to stick of incense, door that can close and protect the sanctity of daily sitting. The weekly visits to IMC sangha, and the teachers' talks. My interviews with Gil. There are also the temptations right here, in Hawaii, where life's lazy and slow. I find my usual determination to sit, waning, as I wake every morning, to the sounds of tropical birds, and the sight of the distant ocean. My senses have taken over, and I feel at a loss. This morning, I tweeted to my twangha*:
"finding it a bit more challenging to practice while on vacation #meditation"
Quickly, @myMeditation and @Dhammagirl fired back in unison:
"myMeditation @MindDeep the vacation is the meditation. enjoy"

"dhammagirl RT @MindDeep: finding it a bit more challenging to practice while on vacation #meditation Let your vacation BE your practice...DG"
and helped me realize the true nature of my malaise. In one word, clinging.

* twangha = cyber Buddhist community on Twitter


  1. now i find that i do need the ritualistic practice of sitting, that necessary place in mind, where peace floods activity to a patient limbo.

  2. Oh! I am so happy for you, my friend . . . I can't think of a greater present to yourself. Are you on Twitter? If so, there is a wonderful community of people on the path there, and you may benefit from their ongoing support. I certainly have. Deep bow. Marguerite