Monday, December 14, 2009

Deep Sitting, What It's Like

Mind prepped by earlier reading of Martine Batchelor's awesome book, "Women on the Buddhist Path", including stories from Ani Tenzin Palmo, Songgyong Sunim, and Ayya Khema, I set out for morning sitting.

Body relaxed, at one with breath,  there is dropping, quick, into space of great stillness. Outside sounds, heard, that's all. Thoughts, here and there, sliding. Going deeper, and deeper, inside.  Focus on breath, steady, easy. Thoughts gone . . . completely. Coolness enveloping whole body. And bliss. No words can describe, really. Losing sense of time. Oh! new sensation in stomach, noted, going along with each breath. Feeling weighty matter, in the midst of vastness. Curious mind wonders. Willing heart embraces. Leaded ball's got irritating quality, caustic almost. Each breath loosening the thing, until it transforms into bigger, amorphous mass, inside whole digestive system. Body coping with a few sighs, and swallows. Noticing interesting tension between easy, cool, relaxed quietness and tightness within the calmness. Meanwhile, staying with each breath. Bell rings.

Coming out of sitting, I notice mass still there inside, and residual grogginess from deep state . . . Temptation to analyze, withheld.

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