Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Gift of Old Age

It hit me last night, as I washed my face. There, close up in the mirror, in plain sight for me to see, the subtle pooling of tiny wrinkles around my mouth. Over the years, I have drawn much contentment from my youthful looks. Got good genes, that way! Still, time marches on, and old age is on its way. It's not just the new lines on my face. There are also the pains and aches, more frequent, more persistent. The having to give up certain favorite activities because of knees, then back,  . . .

To be confronted with the reality of old age, and more sickness, and death getting closer for sure, has actually been a blessing. It has brought a sense of urgency, and also greater reality, into how to view my life. A radical change of attitude was in order, and the only sensible way that spoke to my heart and mind, both, has been the Buddha's path.


  1. girl you are tellin noah 'bout the flood on that note.

  2. Yes... No doubt... No question... Though we may hesitate... time itself has no such inclination and keeps going straight ahead. My teacher gave an Teisho/Dharma Discourse that you may find of some interest on This very subject. Yakusan's King of the Deer



  3. isecond the above statement.
    meeting the limits with continued joy.
    taking time,no ,letting time...

  4. Thank you, thank you, all three of you! This makes me realize how much of my/our life is spent forgetting . . . the more we are aware of reality, of course, the better we live = First Noble Truth