Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Finding the Way Back to Feminine Self.

 Meeting Gil for weekly interview, I shared with him, last night's dream:
Sitting in a train, going to a vacation retreat run by two women who invited me. I get off, and start walking on an old, covered, arched bridge, over a big river. A man is helping me find my way. I marvel at the old slabs of stones covering the bridge. The man takes me to a coffee shop run by two women. The women will be able to help me, he says. The shop is in downtown Marseilles. It is early morning and the place is filled with customers. I look in my purse, for paper with written directions to the retreat place, and realize I must have left it behind. What to do now, I wonder. The women try to help me.
Gil's answer came, straight. Don't forget, you are already there. You are woman. The simplicity of his answer struck me.

I have been feeling a bit lost lately. Getting sidetracked by intellect, and need to show, once more, that I can hold my own, right up there with the Buddhist boys. Yesterday, while chatting with a group of women friends, about the small things that make up life, I could hear contemptuous voice.  This stuff's not important. I did not linger. Had to blog, and read, and work on a project, and meditate . . . Years of learning to devalue relatedness, for the sake of accomplishments. Years of forsaking my womanly nature, to compete in a patriarchal world.

I told Gil about the immense joy I felt, both times I had the privilege to listen to  talks given by monastic sisters at IMC. How differently they touched my heart, than the male teachers. Gil suggested that I switch to reading Dharma books written by women. Also the nuns from Saranaloka Foundation will visit IMC regularly starting beginning of next year.

Connecting with body and heart, is what journey is about right now. Talking with Gil, helped me find the directions I had forgotten, back to feminine nature.


  1. Have found your unique way. Happy for you!

  2. Thank you Tempo, for your gift of sympathetic joy! Wishing you to find your way also. And deep bow.

  3. get your Girl on, Marguerite!


  4. Thank you Shane, for our new cyber friendship! and deep bow.

  5. when donning the daily armor, i mask the feminine self so completely that it escapes me.
    only when reading such words as you, am i reminded to let the mask fall and shine through with personal honesty.

    remember, remember, i allow myself.
    with respect my friend.

  6. Thank you sister, for understanding me so well. To be fair, the feminine self does not get much encouragement from our world. It takes some conscious retrieving, in order for us to realign with what is indeed our most precious value.