Saturday, December 5, 2009

Stop Whining!

This week's earlier surgery has turned me into a chronic whiner. I am so cold. My mouth hurts. I am tired. Eating is a drag. I can't sleep . . . Dear husband is getting tired himself. Of having to listen to my litany of complaints. He told me so this morning, gently. I heard him, and I agree.

Complaining is a form on unskillful speech, and a form of delusion. Sloppy mind hoping to relieve the pain, by sharing it with others. Forgetting that physical pain is for one to bear, alone. Wise mind knows better, and understands value of restrained expression.

Next time you experience physical pain, don't be like me. Instead, be gracious, and be a good company, to yourself, and to others. And more importantly, be grateful for pain, as opportunity to deepen your practice, noticing aversive mind.


  1. whatever your pain, i am following your mind journey through it.
    to sink into the sensation, no matter the perception, is to experience and ride it out with grace. i send you zen.

  2. The whining is a way of talking to the pain. We learned this way of talking as children. It's difficult to know how to talk to the pain without involving others. Heal well.

  3. Nadine, Rani, thank you both for your caring support!

    Both of you, I hope you extend to yourselves, same kind of love you are sending my way . . .

    You are right Rani, lifelong habits are hard, but not impossible to break.

    Nadine love your way with words, as always! Such a gift to read you.

    Thanks again, sisters!

  4. What is the good in feeling cold?

    What if your mouth was injured and not hurting?

    How can you eat in this different way with Joy?

    To sleep, stop thinking.

  5. thank you for gift of your questions. and deep bow!