Wednesday, December 30, 2009

No Buddha to Be Bought

Visiting the Bright Hill Temple, under the guidance of our local Dharma friend, KS, I got all excited! Such a nice counterbalance to the orgy of shopping that characterized the last two days . . . This was my first   time  seeing a Buddhist temple in this part of the world. Bright Hill is very famous, because of its size and its beauty, and its role as a hub for Buddhism in Asia.

After visiting the Pagoda with the Ten Thousand Buddhas, KS told us to hurry if we wanted to see more of the temple, as it was going to close soon. What about the gift shop, I enquired? Would it still be open? My craving mind wanted a souvenir from the temple. I was hoping for a small bronze statue of the Buddha.

A familiar tightening in stomach alerts me to craving mind. Soon I become so preoccupied with reaching the shop in time, that I am having difficulty enjoying the rest of our tour. I start focusing, and being with the wanting. I realize the futile nature of my yearning. The Buddha is to be found within, just here as I mindfully become one with breath, and steps, and thoughts, and tightness. I feel almost relieved when we finally reach the shop, and are greeted with Closed sign.


  1. Awesome!

    I've been thinking a lot lately about the "price of the dharma." Brewing a blog post about it. I love your sentiment here: the cheapest and most avaialble Buddha is the one we are at every step. All we have to do is flip over the sign to "open". ;)

  2. Thank you Travis. The amazing thing about spiritual life is the many surprising ways it takes, as here during visit to temple. I certainly did not expect gift shop to be main source of contemplation!

  3. Marguerite,

    So many wonderful lessons and experiences to be had. That you are consistently keeping your eyes, ears and mind open is in and of itself a valuable teaching. I thank you for this.

    It's funny to for me to think you did buy the Buddha. It's the one that stands in front of the mirror, that you get to see every day! Travel well.

    With Gassho,,


  4. Thank you Seiho, for following me throughout my travels! And yes, Buddha within, always . . . in each of us :)

  5. marguerite - 10,000 Buddhas..what an amazing experience! i was there 2 yrs ago and spent my 10 yr anniversary w/mate climbing the 500 steps to the top...what beauty! we had lunch on top in the cafe...thanks for the memories...happy new year to you..may all your wishes come to fruition.

  6. thank you Hazel for sharing my delight - this temple is a very magical place indeed - I was struck how even my children were touched by the place . . . happy, peaceful, mindful new year to you!