Thursday, December 10, 2009

In Memory of "Tito"

I hear Esperanza come in, and shouts from my office, "You can start downstairs". "No, she says, excuse me", and walks in. She shows me a piece of paper with a picture of a young man, and points to her heart. I can't understand her broken English. I read the paper. It is a funeral announcement. Her husband walks in, and explains to me, this is their son, "Tito" who died last Thursday. A brilliant student at University of Colorado, he apparently plunged to his death from a freeway overpass. The husband apologizes profusely for his wife not being able to clean our house this morning. The funeral is at 1pm. Could she come Saturday morning instead?

As I sat, I felt grief. Their grief, and also my own. Nothing else to do, but sit. And send much loving kindness towards Esperanza and her husband who got a double hit of tragedy this week. The loss of their son, and a $15,000 bill for funeral costs.


  1. Sorry to hear that.

    Death always come at a unpredicted moment, for everybody...

  2. Thank you Tempo. Yes, it does. I know it intellectually, and in my heart also. Yet, I never cease to be shocked, every time it hits close . . .