Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Drama Within

Dreams have a way of giving meaning to an otherwise elusive internal climate. I woke up with much fear, and unease. The sweet dinner in a nice restaurant had turned into a nightmare. I remembered the waiter coming to warn us of a dangerous man on the loose, and then us leaving in search of a safe place. I was also told that my little dog, Coco had been run over by a car, and had been taken to the hospital. Two opposite forces, aggression and love playing out their drama inside the psyche.


Andrea Fella's talk at IMC last night was about fear and mindfulness. This morning, I am getting to practice . . . Using the quality of sustained attention to explore the mind-made fear palpable inside. Andrea talked about getting in touch with the sensations in the body, when no identifiable thoughts or beliefs are to be investigated. There is tightness in the throat, and an overall constriction. And an aversion to the experience itself. A fear of the unpleasantness. I remember Andrea's teaching about not jumping to premature conclusions. "You are to be with what is right in front of you. Do not try to get to the center right away". 

An invitation to dwell in stillness . . .

Sitting, I found the angry man who aggressed me at the pool. Very much alive inside.  A rageful guest, who left after a while. And then the bittersweetness of love laced with sadness.

You may listen to Andrea's entire talk on AudioDharma, under 'The Five Faculties and Fear'.


  1. "You are to be with what is right in front of you. Do not try to get to the center right away".

    love this invitation...beautiful. Thank you for posting the link from audiodharma...I will definitely give it a listen.

    gentle steps

  2. Oh! Thank you Laura.

    And thanks also for this beautiful poem of yours:


    which I invite all here to read as well.

    You continue to be such an inspiration!

    May you be well today, both in mind and body.