Thursday, February 17, 2011

Towards, Curious, and Relaxed

This is part 3 of a series on the inner attitude that has been permeating my heart as of late. I call it A Change of Heart, and A Happy List. Last night, during several bouts of sleeplessness, the words from wise teachers kept dancing in the darkness. Words to articulate what it is I have been feeling . . . 

From Saki Santorelli, "turning towards", inspired by the Rumi's poem:

Don't turn your head. Keep looking
at the bandaged place. That's where
the Light enters you.

Turning towards . . . Saki kept repeating those words throughout our retreat. 

From U Tejaniya, the title of a Tricycle article that never left me, 'The Curious Investigator'. And after further checking, the realization that the original title is instead 'The Wise Investigator' . . . The 'curious' part is for me to own completely.

Also from U Tejaniya, his wonderful list of 23 points regarding What is the Right Attitude for Meditation? Particularly 'relaxed', 'light', 'free', 'faith', and 'confidence'.

And I wonder, what is the urge of putting words on THIS? 

The answer comes, easy. So I do not forget.


  1. I am very much enjoying your posts to your blog (which I just discovered a couple days ago). Thank you for your sensitive and open sharing of your process and your willingness to be vulnerable in the process. I am honored to have the opportunity to read what you write. You truly live up to the label in your bio "Practitioner of Mindfulness-Based Social Media." I try to do the same and am pleased to find a kindred spirit!

  2. Thank you! both for connecting here, and also for all your wonderful work at UCSD Center for Mindfulness. I shall add your blog to the Mind Deep blogroll.

    Are you going to Wisdom 2.0 Conference? (I will be there)