Tuesday, February 1, 2011

From Garbage to Flower

Experience this morning prompted me to write this tweet and Facebook update:

'the mind (mine at least) seems to have never ending capacity to produce garbage - just produced two such thoughts in last 5' :) #mindfulness'

View of street garbage from traveling bus during
last year's Buddhist pilgrimage with Shantum Seth

An hour later, I already forgot one of the two offending thoughts. I still remember the other, though, and wonder, where does it come from, the mind's propensity to create such nastiness? Looking into the content of the thought, I find below the surface much hurt from difficult interactions with someone very dear. From hurt to ill will, the path can be very short, especially when the sticky self is involved. This morning I made it all the way to the other end, in my mind only. No action taken, thanks to watchful mind. 

And this gift from dharma sister Katherine Rand - in response to my  Facebook update:
You are me, and I am you. 
Isn't it obvious that we "inter-are"?
You cultivate the flower in yourself,
so that I will be beautiful.

I transform the garbage in myself,
...so that you will not have to suffer.
I support you;
you support me.
I am in this world to offer you peace;
you are in this world to bring me joy.
~ Thich Nhat Hanh ~
I love, love that image of garbage, turning into a beautiful flower. 

May you please share some of your garbage moments! May your sharing become a part of the retrieving of the splendid flower within.


  1. lovely thought Marguerite..really lovely ..
    the lotus has its root in mud..
    keep blogging .. with love

  2. i have some garbage to throw out.. but one of my friend was misleading me and few month back when i realized i got shocked.. and the frustration in me was really bad.. and last few days with my fellowe friends who have the same experience like me with that guy shared and the garbage start stinking.. now i want to stop it..its stinking... want to come out .. and become like a beautiful flower and spread fragrance ... love u ..

  3. swimming in the garbage of depression, your post is a good reminder...

  4. 'ilovemylife', thank you, and I hope you are able to sort things through regarding your interactions with your friend. Some people can be toxic, in which case it is best to get out. If you can't, then seeing them as teacher, and practicing loving kindness towards them have been useful practices for me. Also being careful of not wanting the garbage to turn into a flower too quickly . . .

  5. Anonymous you, I wish you to find your way through the depression. You may enjoy this interview from U Tejaniya:


    where he describes how he was able to overcome his depression through his practice of meditation.

    Much metta.

  6. Thank you Marguerite