Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Freedom No One Can Touch

In the semi-darkness,
I heard the door slam
and key lock,

and I saw a bag of grief,
jamming up my throat,
heavy with sorrow and anger.

I felt the gentle caress of breaths,
back and forth,
against sensitive spot,

and I thought ideas of freedom,
a whole train of them,
quickly dropped into thin air.

I sat for the longest time,
until only space remained,
vast, limitless,

and I delighted
in the bliss of freedom,
that no one can touch.

I opened my eyes
back to the light of day,
and a circle of sunflowers,

and went about my day,
wanting to tell the whole world,
my joyful secret.


  1. I deeply resonated with this poem! It is beautiful when grief & negativity can be transformed into freedom - it feels like magic when the deep breath releases the clenched ego.

    I had a somewhat difficult week with situations I could not control or even have any influence over - these times are hard. Without meditation and the ability to look deeply into our thoughts and feelings, I can't imagine being able to cope. In situations such as these, I am also reminded to have more compassion for others trapped without the ability to access the freedom.

    I love the sunflowers - they are a special symbol of strength for me.

  2. Oh thank you Anne - how beautiful the gift of words, that allows you and I to join in the vast expanse within!

    What a great way to start this new day . . .

    much metta to you! and I hope your difficulties will resolve soon.