Saturday, March 6, 2010

Green Grass and Beyond

Ground unfolding, 
in front, with each step. 
A break in the cement, 
gives way 
to a patch of green grass.

Soon I  see,
only a patch of green, 
then just a patch 
with no name attached, 
then just 'it'.

Tears stream down,
oh so sweet,
from being one
with 'it', 
with everything.

PS -  Sayádawgyi U Sìlánanda, gave a great talk on this, in Concept and Reality 


  1. Wonderfully wonderful!

    In Gassho,


  2. Nomad, Seiho, thank you both for gift of sympathetic joy. It is hard to communicate such intense, private experience, and at same time, being able to share it somehow, through clumsiness of words, makes it doubly special.

    Deep bow to you, my brothers in sangha.