Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Outside of Myself

Behind concentric walls
of dislike, and powerlessness,
and frustration, and fear,
I couldn't see 
her, whom I love so much. 

She, who lives inside a fortress,
all of her own,
and has not yet found 
the key out.

Down, under piercing light
of insight,
the stone wall tumbled
and I stepped outside of myself
into a wide open space.

Oh! the sweetness of jasmine, and love 
as I stood still,
close by her prison,
not expecting.


  1. Thank you for the deep simplicity of the above. ~Peta-de-Aztlan~

  2. Oh! thank you for gift of your appreciation :)

  3. How absolutely beautiful these words! I resonate so deeply with the first two stanzas in my particular life circumstances at the moment... I have not yet found the key out of my self made prison... Yet, I know that it is there - through the crack of light in the wall - sweet light, sweet stillness... Thank you for this!


  4. This is a beautiful poem, thank you for sharing I'm glad I found your site...

  5. Thank you MeAnderi. I can tell you are on the path. May you continue, with patience, and perseverance, and mindfulness!

  6. Thank you. I found this over a year ago and it was the beginning of an incredible journey. I acknowledged my imprisonment, searched for the key, found the Light and the walls did tumble. I have since re-built on power, fearlessness, peace and, most importantly, Love. In deepest gratitude for this beautiful gift.

  7. Wow! thank you for this unexpected gift of your appreciation. I am glad this blog has served you well. And I wish you best in your journey.

    With much loving kindness,