Monday, October 26, 2009

The Delight of Now

Going with, not against the moment. Taking in whatever comes. Breath, rushed at first. Then slowly, finding its rhythm, in the stillness of body. Thoughts, passing, many kinds, from benign, to negative, to pleasant. Outside noises. Birds, chirping. Gardener, blasting with leaf blower, then raking, gently. Other familiar sounds. Some pleasant, others not. Thought, where does judgment come from? Opinion constructed, layered over otherwise neutral experience. No, to welcome each moment as a newborn. All ears, only raw encounter, without extra baggage of memories from the past, or wishes for next moment. Sensation of body, sinking, fading into mostly awareness. Delight from surprise of each new breath, each new sound, each new thought, each new feeling. Bell ring. Already?

Lately, I have been reflecting, a lot, upon importance of being present in moment. Using rational mind and mindfulness, to chisel at long standing tendency to resist the now.

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