Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Notes on Sitting

These are some of my notes from sitting practice yesterday,

During sitting:

Heart and breath competing for my attention. Heart, faster beat. Breath, much slower. Heart fades out with stillness. Breath takes center stage. Two track awareness. First level focuses on overt manifestations, obvious thoughts, body sensations, breath, outside noises. Higher level pays attention to subtle, quality of attention itself. Pressured, expecting, judging, what I wrote about few days ago. Attention's coming with some baggage. Perfection. Not wanting to miss a beat, literally. Pure awareness competing with ideal of what awareness should be, and what it should lead to.

After sitting:

Feeling grounded, calm, mindful, inclusive.

Take away:

To not underestimate power of sitting, that lingers way after sitting is over. Even 'bad' sitting can lead to better way of being afterwards.

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