Saturday, October 3, 2009

7 Tips for Buddhist Bloggers

Given folks' enthusiastic response to my earlier post on '10 Tips for Buddhists on Twitter', here's more of the same, this time for Buddhists who like to blog. Feel free to add your own tip in the comment section below, and I will broadcast them on Twitter.

1) Be real. Blogs are a personal medium by excellence. You've got a unique voice, hence let it be heard! As a Buddhist on the path, there is value in sharing your personal journey. Your successes will give others hope. Your struggles will help normalize their owns.
2) Be mindful. Of others. Do not share private matters without the person's permission. Do not write badly about others, ever.
3) Be ethical. Always source your content, and also your inspiration, no matter how removed.
4) Be generous. Reciprocate comments. If someone takes the time to comment on your blog, pay them a visit, and leave a comment on their blog. If you visit a blog, and you read a post you like, don't keep your appreciation to yourself. Share it instead in the form of a comment.
5) Practice equanimity. You can't please everyone. There is a lot to be learned from differing points of view, and emotional reactions. Respond from a calm, loving place always.
6) Protect the integrity of your blog. Block rude, or unwholesome comments. Consider your blog as your virtual temple. A very special place to be treated with respect.
7) Be detached. Ignore page views, and focus instead on producing great, authentic content. I have purposely not installed Google Analytics for that reason.

It's common sense, I know . . .


  1. Thanx Marguerite,Great Tips!!Tony Martin

  2. Thank you for a wonderful set of guidelines.

  3. Thank you Kim (enlightenedhorsemanship)! Visiting your blog was such a treat. Animals are so pure, in the way they relate to us humans! And the way you choose to relate to horses is very beautiful indeed.