Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Twitter Tales of Awakening

I have been wondering, what is it that draws a person to follow the Buddha's path? According to the Dharma, one has to first become aware of their personal suffering, and be willing to see it as the beginning of a sacred journey. It certainly was true in my case. Only after feeling that there was not way out but in, was I moved to further explore the teachings. I knew enough, from prior explorations, to have a sense that there, maybe lied the solution to my misery.

Last night, when I asked the question on Twitter, I was surprised by the the flurry of answers:

We, who have had the blessing of conscious suffering, should rejoice . . .


  1. Twitter is good in this way. I have shot out questions to the Twangha concerning new practices or holes in my knowledge and am always amazed at the amount of knowledge and compassion out there.

    Cheers for the great question. Tough to answer in 140 but great insights.


  2. Yes, John, Twitter is great that way. Deep bow, and continued strides towards finer and finer awareness!

  3. Wish I hadn't missed your original tweet, but in the spirit of keeping to 140 characters, here is what I would have replied with:

    I rmmbr sitting & reading a 'basics' book & thinking 'I have always thought that' or 'I agree with that', & truth of impermanence

  4. thank you Kris, and better late than never . . . :)

  5. Late tweet, from:

    @wespacker RT @MindDeep: wondering what are factors that lead people to Buddha's way? Anger. #twangha