Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mindfulness In Transit

The woman installed herself, oblivious, on the seat I was about to call mine. Hateful thoughts directed at the stranger, convince me that C21 gate at Dallas Airport may be just the perfect place for today’s practice. No need to close my eyes, I am sure I will get plenty of material to work with, as I wait for American Airlines flight 872 to New Orleans.

The TV’s turned on the sports channel. All the guys are riveted, there’s a football game. I, on the other hand do not like TV very much, and football even less. I’m getting frustrated, dreaming of being home still, where I can at least – almost always – control my environment. I pull out my second sandwich. Although still full from the first one, I welcome the distraction from chewing and hastily tasting the mediocre almond butter sandwich. Two men approach to take the seats close to me, sending a whiff of cheap aftershave, my way. This is getting to be too much. I am suffering from aversion, and craving, big time. Engaging in noticing my reactions, softens the discomfort, and makes me almost happy. The couple in front of me teases me with their PDAs. I am taking things way too personally, and judging myself for it. Still, I wish I were with Prad, and not stuck here. Clinging. Aversion. If I had any doubts on my place along the Buddha’s path, this session at the airport lounge is setting me straight. You’ve got a long way to go, girl. No need to get all puffed up about your so-called awakening. No need to flagellate yourself either for your failings. I am starting to laugh by now.

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