Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Short Answer to 'About Me'

Seemingly innocuous, the About Me section is, in fact, a perfect trap for the delusional ego. Since starting this blog, I have tried out various versions of what I thought the world ought to know About Me. The last one, was particularly exhaustive, listing all the wonderful accomplishments from my condensed life. Looking at the list, made me proud. There was also a small voice, inside, that expressed unease.

Today, the dissenting voice grew so loud, I checked in with Prad, my dear husband, who is known for speaking the truth, always. His answer came, blunt. No choice, but to chop down the long list. Not unlike, cutting hair of Buddhist nun during vows. Slight pinch in the heart. Big part of what used to define self and give substance, gone, in one radical 'Delete'. Only left, pared down answer: "Is there such thing as me? is there?"

Oh! the lightness . . .

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