Friday, October 23, 2009

The Gift of Sickness

The last couple days, my body's been asking for some attention. This morning's sitting was all about aches and pain. And my reaction to the discomfort. Pressure in the forehead kept drawing me. The doctor said I was fine. It's only a sinus headache, left over from viral infection a few weeks ago. Still I feel all head, and I don't like it. To sit still, and breathe, and make room for the persistent pain. Dislike, noted. Thoughts of business to take care of. More annoyance. Wishing for a pain-free, hassle-free state. Craving, noted. Many things in life, I don't get to pick and choose. Heightened awareness, of suffering, and impermanence, and the wisdom from not craving what is not, and not disliking the inevitable.

Today, I bow to the headache for another lesson in truth.

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