Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Surrender" Meditation Practice

At one with breath, sinking deeper, and deeper, until body fades away, almost. Only breath, and awareness of breath. Oh! so quiet. Stillness jarred, all of a sudden, by sound of doors, slammed. Not just once, but several times. Prad is back, and is going about his business. The back porch needs to be cleaned, and instructions given to the cleaning lady. Conversation, loud and clear, back and forth in English and Spanish. I am not missing a word. State of concentration, interrupted. Frustration, noted. No, to meet the moment, no matter. Surrender, surrender to what is. Resourceful mind's offering 'surrender' as way to deal with situation. Doors opening and closing. Surrender, back to breath. Conversations. Surrender, and breath. Phone ring. Surrender. It is about being mindful, no longer concentrated. And letting go of clinging to bliss of deep calmness. Microwave beep, twice. Surrender. Dishes being put away, noisily. Surrender. High pitch of spoon against cereal bowl. Surrender. Getting used to cacophony, and rhythm of noise, surrender, breath, noise, surrender, . . . Then, silence, and only breath, again. Back to beginning.

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