Friday, April 2, 2010

The Gift of Silence

Yesterday, being subjected to one of my fellow students' practice of guided MBSR meditation - part of our teacher training - I experienced firsthand the desolation from not having the necessary moments of silence, to just be. Here are my notes, jotted during our group debriefing:

Oh! the gift of silence,
most appreciated 
during your misguided meditation
I wanted space for me
but no, 
you talked too much.

I learned lots though
about what not to do 
on the other side;
and so  I thank you
my anxious sister
for making me realize.

My job, your job
is to do less with our words
and let mindfulness 
do its job, instead
Giving them a chance 
to be, with themselves.

Being mindful. Being present. Being silent. That's all . . . 

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