Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Precious Moment

Tonight marks the end of Zen Hospice training. Taking a walk on Stanford campus, I stopped to sit, and capture a precious moment:

Too tired to think,
there is only heart,
heavy with grief,
my own, and that of others,
met in the wards,
waiting for death.
Burden floating,
in sea of calm awareness,
and gratitude
for wisdom gained.
At once, I see 
the air, warm with Spring,
that brushes me, gently.

I am so lucky.


  1. Beautiful.

    And I look forward to meeting you in person at W 2.0 this weekend!

    Maia, on the road

  2. Thanks Maia. May you be safe, and well, as you travel to my end of the world!

  3. a poet along my path
    pouring concern
    and compassion
    to earth and wind.

  4. Oh! Nadine, ma poetesse preferree! Comment vas tu?

    Your dedication to the truth, and your courage in the midst of life's tempests, continue to be an inspiration. Along with your formidable creative talent with words, bien sur!