Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Door of the Wishless

Today is about pain in the right shoulder. I pulled a muscle, no big deal, but right then, pain feels huge. Worse than the pain, is reactive mind's verdict of refusal. Wishing for another time in the future, when pain will be gone. Sitting, I linger in the extra suffering from wishfulness. After a while, the feeling tires out and withdraws, leaving in its wake only raw pain, unedited, and breath, and  the comforting sounds of house waking up. 

As I think of Gil's recent talk, on The Three Doors, I contemplate the potential beauty of wishlessness, the second door (to liberation). How I wish . . . :)


  1. So nice of you to comment on my blog. Thank you. I'm experiencing some continued knee pain.. I'll mosey over and listen to Gil's talk soon.

  2. Thank you Susan. You may want to listen to Ines Freedman's latest talk series on pain and mindfulness, available at Insight Meditation Center/Audiodharma website.