Monday, April 5, 2010

The Pain of Love

Sitting with pain in my heart, I remembered, thanks to the Buddha,

The sorrows, lamentations,
the many kinds of suffering in the world,
exist dependent on something dear.
They don't exist 
when there's nothing dear.
And thus blissful and sorrowless
are those for whom nothing 
in the world is dear anywhere.
So one who aspires 
to be stainless and sorrowless
shouldn't make anything
in the world dear 

- from Visakha Sutta: To Visakha -

Ah! the pain from loving too much . . .


  1. This passage is new to me.
    Thank you.
    I am adding it to my practice.

    Much Metta

  2. Thank you Chintan, thank you Ama! And may you be well, may you be at peace.

  3. Beautiful, thank you. A reminder that heartbreak is a sign that the heart is capable of love.

  4. With an Open Heart filled with love, our intuition becomes stronger. With strong intuition there is more compassion and a much lesser chance of getting "heart broken".

    Love conquers all.