Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spiritual Quotes on Twitter, Anyone?

Here are the results of mini-survey I conducted on Twitter, regarding the use of spiritual quotes in tweets:
@NellaLou: No context. A bit like gorging on jelly beans. Momentary delight but lacking nourishment. 
@iamwun: yes, spiritual quotes help me enormously. Reminders that help me in staying tuned into the Main Current.
@tomotvos: I think there are enough "quote" services on Twitter. I look to my friends to give me more meaningful content.
@Thrine: they remind me of what is important and of letting go, most of the time.
@sharingair: don't help much. Personal experiences in everyday life are more what I look for on twitter.
@craftivista: I like Buddhist/spiritual quotes because they ground me throughout the day as I randomly catch them on my feed.
@Lalizlatina: spiritual quotes help to remind and ground me. I often forget to be mindful & practice loving kindness.
@AnthonyLawlor: Spiritual quotes help when they seem conscious. Mindless, mechanical quoting is numbing and not helpful.
A mixed bag, showing once more the multicolored nature of Twitter crowd.  Personally, I am more interested in Twitter as a channel for personal sharing. I draw much inspiration from others' heartfelt direct experiences, and rarely from random quotes, thrown in without any personal context to anchor them.

If you have not participated in survey, I would love to have you share your take here, in form of a comment.


  1. I actually don't mind sharing quotes at all. I like Anthony's comment above. I consciously share quotes that resonate with me and that I think might help others. To mindlessly pump out information...or even tweets for that matter is not all that productive.

  2. Thanks Nate. Mindfulness, always . . . :)

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  4. Great article Marguerite.

    I had a problem going through all of the sites and trying to find the quotes that were under 140 characters, it took so long, so I put a few thousand of them together and made a site at if anyone is interested.

    I also found people like jokes, so i got a few thousand of them also.

    Have a great tweetin' day,
    Tate Burns