Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Minding Absent Mind

Half-way to the pool, I remember, all of a sudden. I forgot to lock the front door. Off, I go back home, pedaling furiously, hoping that I will not be too late for swim practice. Once in the water, wandering mind plays tricks, again, and soon, I start losing count of laps. Later, in the kitchen, I almost forget the rice pudding on the stove. Today is one of those days . . . 

In the background, I can feel sadness in the heart. Images of dream the night before come to mind. Loved one is not doing well. 

Time to be extra careful, and to move slow. Time to sit down and be with myself, absent-mindedness and all. Time to listen to the heart.


  1. Relate to your day,
    Just this morning I said to my husband...How does a dreams feeling stay with one even when the dream it's self is forgotten?
    I'm sorry to hear your loved one is not doing well. One of life's challenge.
    Do tend to yoruself for the days ahead.
    I'll light a candle for you....

    Bowing to you

  2. Thank you Ama, for your gift of loving kindness. I believe the feeling from dreams linger, because they are already inside, independent of dream. Dreams just help understand what it is that feelings are attached to . . .

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  4. I honor your kindness in sharing these wonderful words that rain on me giving birth to inspiration insight and silence