Wednesday, April 21, 2010

High Wire Act

the tyranny from sticky memories
of past deceptions,
along with the mirage 
of future freedom, without,
keep me suspended
in hard wire act, back and forth,
between two imaginary poles,
high above present reality.

Truthful heart,
heavy with burden of rancor,
and tiredness, and sorrow,
begs for a lighter load.
Confused mind
is of little help
as it contemplates fork in the road,
wondering which way?
Sitting still, I dwell amidst, 
letting wisdom do its work
of diligent sifting.


  1. The tyranny from sticky memories of past deceptions ... wow, that resonates.

  2. Cathy, thanks for sharing the experience :) Loved peanut story on your blog, by the way!

  3. OK, Marguerite, my best friend and I are very confused. Today on the phone I read to her your poem (above) becuase I liked it so much. Then tonight I see you have responded to ME about the peanut story that SHE blogged. Do you know both of us? Is this just a coincidental accident? DO help us piece it togehter. (My friend is Kathy Egawa -- blogs at 'Help for Readers & Writers')

  4. Cathy, Kathy, . . . :) I will be happy to help you two solve the mystery.

    Cathy, I clicked on your name above, to get to your blog, and clicked on blog listed under your blogger profile, assuming it was yours! I take it it was Kathy's.

  5. Ah, mystery solved. I blog on Word Press, so that's why you didn't see mine here. I suppose it adds to confusion that Kathy and I are both named Cathy/Kathy. Thanks for making yesterday a day of mystery!