Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Call of Now

This afternoon, driving to pick up my daughter, I seized the opportunity to finish listening to Paul Haller's recent talk on 'Practice as Process'. I have been intent on becoming acquainted with him, since he will be my teacher for the year to come at San Francisco Zen Center. Usually eager mind surprised me though, as it, for once, refused to cooperate. I was hearing Paul Haller's words, but could not make sense of them. Heart was tugging at me, asking to be noticed. There was no room for thoughts. In what felt like a radical gesture, I turned off my iPhone. 

Driving to pick up my daughter, I just sat with my heart, and welcomed the grief inside. And paid attention to the road.

Driving to pick up my daughter, I felt at one with the now. Just right.

Practice as process. :)


  1. I have always found the phrase, "It's a process, not an event." helpful. Years ago when I was first getting sober I heard it and it has been helpful in all conditions. Of course, I must also remember that all process is composed of small events.

  2. Thank you Helmut. Yes, mindfulness of what and how, to arrive at complete picture.