Thursday, April 8, 2010

One More Round

Just when I thought,
I was done with the devil,
good news from a friend
on her way to the top,
threatened to send me back
to the hellish realms.

Old demons jumped at once,
from dark corners
and started to play tricks.
First was envy, whose bitter brew
I tasted only for an instant,
then spit, and washed away
with a dose of heartfelt rejoicing.

Then, an old craving awoke,
and started to torment me
with unreasonable demands
for what could not be had any more,
the fruit of which I had eaten before,
and decided I did not like.

Last came doubt,
under the guise of wisdom,
who begged me to please reconsider
the difficult path I had just chosen.
Familiar lines, heard several times
too many, were losing their power.

I took all three demons head on,
and sent them back flying.
Still a bit shaken
from such arduous confrontations,
I stood still,
and congratulated myself
for my resolve.


  1. This is so good. Such vivid imagery generated from these words.

    If I was to write a similar recap it would be more of a greasy, sweaty recap of a World Wrestling Federation match!

  2. Thank you, sister! We each have our own version of this story. Not better, not worse, just different.

  3. yes these words resonate! such an apt depiction of Mara's visitations. Like your wrestling match imagery TMcG!

  4. Thank you zendot . . . I love how poetry has a way of delivering final punch!