Friday, April 9, 2010

The Magic Tree

Dreams, dreams, never cease to amaze me . . .

Driving down a windy road, I notice all of a sudden a beautiful palm tree. The tree has a supernatural quality. It is glowing with rainbow colors at the top and also at its base. I decide to rush home to pick up Prad and bring him to see the tree with me.

Upon waking up, I share my dream with Prad. Funny, he tells me, he too dreamed about a tree. He was looking for a heritage tree, the same kind he and I used to scout for together when I was working on Witness Trees Environmental Art Project. And he was meeting me at art school, just like we did back then. 

Later, sitting and meditating together with Prad, as we now do every day, the magic tree is there as well, bathing us in all its numinous splendor. 

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