Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Alzheimer's Moment

My mother is 87 and suffering from advanced stages of Alzheimer's. We found a safe place for her in a nursing home close to her home village, back in France. I have learned to let go of my expectations of what my conversations with her should be like. Instead, I just go with her flow, as here:

Me: It's time for dinner soon.
Mother: Yes, I am thinking of going out to the restaurant.
Me: That sounds great! Where do you want to go?
Mother: I don't know yet.
Me: How about the place downstairs?
Mother: What do you mean?
Me: There is a restaurant right where you live.
Mother: Really? How do I get there?
Me: You get out of your apartment, make a left, take elevator on the left, push 0 button and once on ground floor, ask the people there. If you forget, someone will come and get you.
Mother: Good, I will do that.
Me: Good!

A perfect moment.

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