Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ah-Ah Moment on 101 Freeway

On my way back from dropping off Prad at the San Francisco Airport, slow traffic stopped me in my race to go home. I noticed a familiar tightening in my stomach, sure sign of frustration. Followed by train of thoughts. I don't like this, being stuck in the car. I hate 101, too many concrete walls, and not enough open space. I should have taken 280. Can't wait to be home, so I can have breakfast, and meditate. And the realization, that I was fighting the moment. Excitement from new insight. Sadness also. I wondered how many times like this, had I spent not living the present, and wishing instead for a hypothetical future. I looked up, and saw this:

Stupendous morning sky, welcoming me in all its splendor. I had been so preoccupied with thoughts of not liking the now, that I had nearly missed the beauty, right there.


  1. its wonderful how a mindful glance up at the sky can take your breath away and bring your focus back to the beautiful moment that nature offers you every second.
    you dont need to feel guilt or regret for moments missed.. the universe has an infinite number of moments in store for you to experience, and if you miss a few of them, that doesnt decrease the number of moments still waiting for to you to enjoy, starting now!

  2. Thanks Travis, for your encouraging words. It not guilt I feel, as much as grief, for myself, and the rest of humanity, for the many missed opportunities, and our struggle with embracing all of life. And as you so wisely point out, there is hope, and light, and promise of freedom.