Saturday, September 5, 2009

On Doing, and Thinking, and Being

Sitting still. Mind busy with to do lists. Heart under siege with worries. I want to take a vacation from my thoughts. Not liking all the agitation. Not liking. Breathing into the restlessness. Very much a part of me, although an add on, that I am pretty sure. I have an inkling of my self, undisturbed, just being. Frustration with my inability to let go of the grip of doing, and thinking. Feeling powerless. I breathe into surrendering to reality of this moment. As I do, I catch a few islands of almost complete stillness. One, two, three shallow breaths, at the most. Oh! no, judging. I like the calmness. I hate the busyness. Back to the breath, that which happens without any effort. Magic slate for the mind.

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