Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Open Mind, Happy Swim

I have started the new practice of consciously noting my thoughts as I come across strangers. This morning, I got plenty of opportunities during swim practice. Several people showed up in 'my lane'. Old folks, who swam slower than me, and took liberties with the coach's instructions. I was not pleased. Who is this old fart who is entering the pool at the wrong end? He should not be there. I am going to tell him to go in the other pool. And this plain looking woman. She's got an odd looking bathing suit and does not fit in. I could feel my world shrink, as my mind went on with more judging, and disliking, and wishing for my lane minus 'them'. I had a choice. To keep on excluding, and not liking. Or to make room for my swim mates, and my thoughts and feelings towards them, and the reality of our communal swim. I chose the latter, and opened to a whole new experience, discovering once more the happiness from keeping an open mind.

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