Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Enough Love to Go Around

I'd been avoiding
for a long time.
Could not bear,
to deal
with so much.
Maybe, if I got busy
I would not notice,
Finally, the call came,
to stop,
and listen, in silence.
And I saw you,
at last.
Our eyes crossed.
You looked at me,
I could not sustain your gaze,
for too long.
Still you had made
an impression,
and I could no longer
Here I come,
to meet you again,
and open my heart,
to you,
my friend.
I feel your pain,
and I cradle you
in my arms.
It's been a long time
I tell you,
what you want to hear,
that I love you,
and I mean it.
I love you, whole.
Come with me,
my love,
and let us leave
the cold chamber
My heart's full
and I've got enough
to go around us,

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