Monday, September 7, 2009

Minding Anger, With Love

Yesterday, out of the blue, an angry mood overtook me. With fiery thoughts to match, about X . . . The size of my upset seemed disproportionate with the offense, and I wondered . . . First impulse was to feel guilty for hosting such a 'nasty' state of mind. Then, the realization that it was only a temporary condition, made up of harmless feelings and thoughts - as long as I kept them to myself - brought some relief. I was just to observe, explore, feel, note, accept, . . . doing so from a heart place, and not a should stance as before. A funny thing happened. Soon my attention shifted from 'I' to X, and I started to feel the other's pain, and think thoughts of what I could do to care for X. The big shift was my ability to no longer feel divided by my anger. Being at one with myself, through the storm, truly. And letting that state of reconciliation spill over to the object of my initial fury. Mindfulness does work . . .

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